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A Step Towards the Future?

The government has recently implemented a pilot within Manchester and Birmingham County Courts to test video hearings in relation to applications to set aside Default Judgments entered under part 12 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

There will certain conditions to be met before a case can participate such as all parties consenting and ensuring they both have suitable, working IT equipment.

Parties who consent to partake in the pilot will ‘attend’ the hearing via an internet video link. The Judge will see the parties and their legal representatives on a screen within the Court room. Proceedings will be held in public which means that members of the public may attend and will be able to see the parties on screen and the Judge in person.

The pilot is part of a modernisation programme and is aimed to save both time and money. It was trialled successfully in the First-tier Tribunal Tax Chamber and the only issue encountered was the parties having difficulties accessing documents.

The pilot will be reviewed as to its success before it is extended to other Courts over the country.

If you wish to discuss an application to set aside a Default Judgment, please feel free to contact our litigation department on 01992 578 642 who will be happy to help.