It is a fact of life that disputes will arise, whether in your personal life or in business. It could be the breakdown of a marriage/relationship, giving rise to substantial property claims, or the future arrangements for resolving matters regarding children of the family. During which it is likely to be a time of emotional distress, our expert family lawyers who have a wealth of experience will provide you with clear and sensible advice, whilst supporting you through this difficult period.

Divorce, Separation and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

We fully understand that a break down of a relationship can be overwhelming and an emotional time. We are therefore available to guide you through the process and to help you decide initially whether a divorce/dissolution or separation is the best course action. Thereafter, assisting you in dealing with and resolving your divorce to include the experience to defend your divorce should it become necessary.

Where individuals may require advice to safeguard their assets pre marriage/civil partnership or once married we have a wealth of experience of advising upon pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Finances and Assets

We recognise that during a divorce/separation and or dissolution of a civil partnership the parties will be conscious to resolve the outstanding finances to provide them and any children of the marriage with financial certainty and security. As we are experts who have a wealth of experience, we are able to advise on modest asset cases to high value which can involve complex business assets (to include family businesses), property portfolios, to include properties abroad, high value pensions and knowledge of tax and advising those with investment background/investment markets/brokers.

Child Arrangements and Disputes

We provide excellent advice to parents on all issues relating to their children and represent individuals during the course of disputes and/or Children Act proceedings, when necessary, to include:

  • Where and with whom the children should live and the time they should spend with the other parent.
  • Relocation of children either in the UK or abroad.
  • Grandparents’ rights.
  • Risk of harm and safeguarding issues that may arise including those related to drug/ alcohol abuse/sexual and violence.
  • Schedule 1 claims involving unmarried parents who need to resolve financial issues between them on separation, to include provision to meet housing needs for the child, financial support and education costs.
  • Surrogacy and Embryonic Disputes.
Domestic Abuse and Injunctions

Domestic abuse encompasses not only violence but also can be a pattern of behaviour that is used to control another person by means of physical, emotional, and psychological actions or threats and intimidating behaviour over a period of time. Foskett’s have a wide experience of such matters and can assist with obtaining protective court orders (injunctions) to protect the individual (a non-molestation order) and an occupation order for exclusion from the property, if required. We also have wide knowledge and success of defending such injunction order applications.

Cohabitation and Disputes

To assist individuals prior to cohabiting we advise that the arrangements are formalised in a cohabitation agreement at the outset as to what should happen in the event of the relationship coming to an end. We are also well regarded for resolving cohabitation disputes in the event of the breakdown of a relationship where a cohabitation agreement was not put in place at the outset.

Fixed Fee Service

We offer an informative 1-hour initial meeting at a reduced costs of £150 inclusive of VAT. You will come away from this meeting with sufficient knowledge to help you decide how you wish to proceed. Please do not hesitate to contact our family team for further information.

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