Commercial Property

Knowledge and expertise

Over the years we have developed a strong reputation in the field of commercial property. We act on behalf of a number of builders and developers assisting them with the acquisition and development of all types of commercial sites and in the sales of residential developments.

Planning applications

We are proud of the expertise we have developed in the specialised field of planning law, advising clients with regard to planning applications and appeals, disputes and enforcement matters.

Business leases

Our extensive knowledge of business leases allows us to advise both landlords and tenants in connection with the negotiation, termination and renewal of leases and with the disputes which can sometimes arise as a consequence.


The funding of commercial sites and financing of development projects are complex and we are experienced in this areas.

Mobile Home Parks

We have over the years acquired specialist knowledge of the law relating to mobile home parks and assist clients with all aspects of their use an ownership.

Commonly asked questions

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