Private Disputes


Our Litigation Team can help you if you wish to pursue a claim for damages arising from injuries following an accident or have a contractual dispute with another person or business. Our experienced lawyers offer a competitive and efficient service where someone owes you money or there is a dispute with a neighbour concerning boundaries which needs to be resolved.

Whatever the issue our aim is to resolve the dispute as quickly and as economically as possible to our clients maximum advantage.  We will endeavour to achieve this without the need to institute court proceedings but should these become necessary then our experience in this area will be utilised to our clients advantage.


It is a fact of life that disputes will arise, whether in your personal life or in business. It could be the breakdown of a relationship, giving rise to substantial property claims, or contact and residence applications involving children.  At such a time of emotional distress our family lawyers will do their best to give you clear and straightforward advice to help you through this period.  Our lawyers have wide experience in financial claims including high-net-worth clients and those involving business and land.

Commonly asked questions

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