Life is becoming increasingly regulated and contentious for both employers and employees. There are numerous employment regulations. It is essential that employers adhere to these and that employees are also aware of their rights so they can benefit from the protections which are afforded to them by current legislation. Our Employment Team strives to guide both employers and employees through though regulations and regularly represent both in the Employment Tribunal.

We can assist either employees or employers from the beginning of employment whether that be via the drafting and reviewing of employment and service contracts. We also advise upon matters arising from the termination of employment by drafting and advising upon settlement agreements and providing redundancy advice.

If matters become contentious between parties, we have a depth of experience representing clients involved in legal proceedings within the Employment Tribunal and representing and guiding them throughout this process.

We also advise clients on TUPE transfers (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)) from a purchase, sale and employee perspective.

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