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Litigant in Person: Can I go to Court on my own?

A litigant in person is the term used for a person or company who is involved in court proceedings without being represented by a solicitor or a barrister.

The legal system has many rules, protocols and procedures in place and is naturally designed to be used by lawyers. This can often cause people who cannot afford legal representation to feel stressed, overwhelmed and worried at the prospect of facing the Court arena alone.

Courts have recognised that more people are representing themselves and there are rules which allow a Judge discretion to relieve a litigant in person from ‘sanctions’ which result in the failure to follow a Court rule, practice direction or Court Order.

However, in the recent case of Barton v Wright Hassell LLP [2018] UKSC 12, the Supreme Court confirmed that litigants in person will not be given special status, particularly where they have failed to adhere to Court Orders and rules on the basis that they are unrepresented.

If you plan to be a litigant in person to keep your legal fees to a minimum, we do suggest that you see a solicitor for one off appointment to obtain some generic legal advice. Please feel free to contact our litigation department on 01992 578 642 who offer a fixed fee interview for new clients.

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