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Planning law change suggested to prevent time being called on British pubs

It has been suggested that current planning laws which allow for the change of a pub into a shop, supermarket, bookmakers or estate agents (amongst many other uses) without the need for formal planning permission are partly to blame for the fact that up to 31 pubs a week are closing across Britain.

Campaigners from CAMRA are requesting that a change to the planning laws be made, in order to require formal planning permission for such changes in use, as a deterrent to would-be developers looking to convert locals into more profitable businesses.

44 MPs have so far supported the campaign, although opponents have suggested instead that campaigners instead apply for their local pub to be listed as community assets, which are protected from development.

If the changes are supported by MPs, then it may lead to a more widespread review of planning legislation to restrict other use changes which are also permitted without the need for formal planning consent and a general tightening of planning laws.

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