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Residential landlords to check immigration status of tenants: updated factsheet

The Immigration Act 2014 (IA 2014) introduces a requirement for landlords of privately rented
residential properties to carry out checks to establish that new tenants have the right to rent in the UK.
The government has published a revised version of its factsheet, setting out its current plans for
Right to rent checks will only apply to landlords of private residential property, and to new tenancy
agreements. There will be no need to check the immigration status of existing tenants. In most cases a right to rent check will mean checking that a prospective tenant (and other adults aged over 18 who will be living at the property) has certain documents, such as a passport or a biometric residence permit. Landlords will need to photocopy these documents to show that the check has been carried out.
The Home Office will provide a checking service for more complex cases. These requirements will come into force in one part of the UK in late autumn 2014. The Government has not yet announced that area. The requirements may become mandatory for all residential landlords in 2015.
The Government intends to publish a draft code of practice that will include guidance for landlords.