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The Spirit of Adelaide, behind the scenes

John Worby, a long standing member of the Foskett Team, has been helping with the restoration of a boat!

We are proud to be the first entrant of the Ocean Globe Race 2023 to partner with Clean Sailors and to use the opportunity to raise awareness of, and demonstrate, viable solutions within our global sailing community. We are doing so in the name of Clean Sailors and clean sailing and our partnership will see the boat painstakingly renovated, victualled, run and maintained with the highest regard paid to the health of our most important ecosystem – our Ocean.

“The oceans of the world are our special place and we care about their health.  Our partnership with Clean Sailors will teach us how to make better ocean-safe choices” says skipper Campbell.

To read more about this project, please go to and please visit for advice on your own projects.

The Spirit of Adelaide takes to the waves with John Worby 3 GARY INGRAM